• Zeta is our specialised inspection platform, a versatile quadruped designed to transform the quality, safety and efficiency of industrial site inspections, particularly in hazardous areas and remote location.


    Scroll down for specifications and videos

  • Specifications

    Designed for industry

    35 kg


    1 m/s


    -20 C, +50 C

    Temperature range

    IP 56, ATEX

    Environmental ratings

    Uneven ground, stairs

    Terrain capability

    Up to 4 hours

    Battery life

    WiFi, UWB, LoRa

    Wireless comms

    Thermal, acoustic, gas

    Payload sensors

  • Videos of Zeta

    Site visit

    Using its sensors, Zeta finds facts during a site visit

    Stability control tuning

    We log data for analysis to help us tune (an early version of) Zeta's control system. Hard work, sometimes!

    Stair perception

    Zeta has learned to see the real world. Using cameras, Zeta identifies stairs and selects areas that are safe to step on in real time