• ZOA Robotics subscription

    A full-service subscription to ZOA can transform your site inspections


    We are launching Zeta, our versatile quadruped robot designed to transform the quality, safety and efficiency of industrial site inspections, particularly in hazardous areas and remote location, on a subscription service.


    You subscribe. ZOA provides the robots, sets it up along with the software, maintenance and servicing, data analysis and reporting. Replacement robots are included at the end of life.


    ZOA teleoperated site-inspection robots


    ZOA is planning fully-autonomous site inspection robots in the near future. But we're getting ready to lauch our teleoperated robots now. These will be able to access your hazardous areas via an on-screen control panel, offering considerable quality improvements and cost efficiencies.

  • A multitude of benefits for your site inspections

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    Enhance safety

    Take employee risk out of the inspection equation

    Industrial sites inevitably contain hazardous places and that poses a risk to anyone in them. The best way to remove the risk is to remove people from the hazard. However much we love Zeta, we'd all far rather Zeta suffered in a site failure or accident than your staff.


    Plant managers and engineers receive all inspection and monitoring data in an single, easy to use interface. Navigate your site in 3D, with asset information and history overlaid.

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    Transform efficiency

    Better data, lower costs

    Industrial site inspections are expensive. It's about much more than paying for engineers. Making sites suitable for human inspection can involve costs such as erecting scaffolding, shutting down equipment and, often, even shutting down processes entirely.

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    Reduce downtime

    A multi-billion pound problem

    In liquidfied natural gas facilities alone downtime is estimated to cost $24 billion annually, with a per-facility cost of $150 million. Zeta can walk anywhere an operator can, enabling ZOA Robotics site inspections to radically reduce unscheduled outages.

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    Improve quality

    Remote inspections from your desk

    Zeta is a robot and doesn't get bored or distracted. With a range of sensors selected to suit the requirements of your site: ultrasound, thermal imaging, high resolution cameras or gas sensors, Zeta can perform a tele-operated inspection. Leave Zeta permanently on-site for an immediate inspection, even in hazardous locations. Leverage remote expertise from HQ or from shore.